Inline skates Fitness


Fitness skating is a perfect discipline for people who want to learn how to roller skate while moving around.

This type of roller skate is light and comfortable and is great for people who want a flexible, non-aggressive skating experience.

Inline skates Freeride


Freeride skates allow for better form and protection thanks to their stiffer boots.

These roller skates allow allow their wearers to glide through the city in a sporty and acrobatic way thanks to the responsiveness of the pads that allows street obstacles to be overcome.

This means of transport requires some agility and a good mastery of skating.

Inline skates Freestyle


Roller skates designed for freestyle in parks or streets.

The skate's very rigid shoes help keep the ankles and feet of riders in place in order to provide a maximum of protection when performing acrobatic tricks.


Quad Roller Skates

Jump back into the 80s and rediscover the thrills and chills of roller skates with our range of quad roller skates.

This type of skate mixes the comfort of a shoe with the resistance of an aluminum plate.

Inline skates Junior


Our junior skates are designed in order for children to learn skating safely and at their own rhythm.

Thanks to our adjustable shoes and our stability kit, they can be adapted to the level of practice and accompany the children as they grow.


Because learning a new sport is often accompanied by a few falls, it is important for everyone to have the correct equipment and protection.

Our large range of helmets and body protection (knees/elbows/wrist guards) will help you get started with confidence and ensure that you avoid injury.

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